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Parenting is hard.
You deserve support.
Get 32 years of experience
on your side.

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Meet Parent Coach Tom

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Supporting Families, Empowering Parents

Tom’s experience as an educator, father, and parent coach gives him unique insight into the challenges of parenting. Tom understands what children need and how parents can walk the fine line of discipline and support to help their children and family thrive.

What Sets Tom Apart

Tom brings a wealth of

knowledge and expertise

to each coaching session

as well as an empathetic ear.

Tom combines research-based techniques

with a personalized approach

to help you build stronger, more resilient family dynamics

and relationships rooted in trust and respect.

Tom Can Help

Tom’s coaching service packages are designed for busy parents. Whether you have one child or multiple children, a toddler or a teen, Tom will listen to your challenges and provide you with a clear plan to create a culture of cooperation, respect and trust in your home in which your children will thrive.

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Client Review

"What I am seeing as a huge benefit is the development of the line of open communication between myself and my daughter. I'm incredibly thankful to feel as though I have a plan to continue that growth and keep it open as she grows."

-Client quote from January 2015 email