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"All I know is that my parenting tools for child 1 and 2 sure were not working for child 3... I engaged coach Tom and he immediately empathized, asked clarifying questions and gently offered different ideas, solutions as well as research and articles to support everything he was saying. His vantage point of having seen so many kids in his career allows him to really know what works and what doesn't." -L.P., Woodside, CA

"I left my first coaching session armed with truly effective guidelines to better communicate with my 2.5 year old daughter.  Once home, I applied what I had learned in my session and quickly realized that Tom's foundation fundamentals put into action really work.  Tom is incredibly easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with!" -N.H. - San Ramon

"Tom gave my husband and I such great advice and offered such helpful strategies for communicating with our children. I was really struggling, but with Tom's support, I learned even making some basic changes in the way I communicate makes a HUGE difference in the way my whole family interacts. I am living proof his ideas WORK! My confidence has grown incredibly. I am so grateful for his knowledge and support and I feel like now I am really enjoying my children for the unique souls they are. From a working mom, thank you Tom!" -Becky Higbee Sumner, MA, Certified Child Life Specialist, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

"Like many parents, we never imagined we’d find ourselves in a parenting nightmare. Our darling daughter was uncooperative, throwing tantrums, and generally “out of control”. We read articles online, bought books, and took advice (mostly unsolicited) of friends and family - but to no avail. We were all frustrated and desperate. Meeting Tom changed everything. He immediately seemed to understand us, understand our child, and gave us the support and guidance we needed. We are delighted to continue working with him, setting new goals and facing every new parenting challenge together. My only regrets are that we did not meet him sooner and that my parents never met him!  Thank you Tom! " -E.P. - Walnut Creek

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